Tuesday, July 29, 2014

six flags

Yesterday my friends and I took our older kids to Six Flags.  While three of the kids weren't tall enough for major thrill rides, they were able to ride most of the roller coasters and we had a great time.

Clark had only ridden the roller coasters at Legoland and since I was pregnant when we went there, I didn't know if they were scary or not.  I didn't get to watch his expressions to see if he was nervous or scared or stoked.  He said they were awesome, so I took his word for it and the first coaster at Six Flags, he rode with one of the other kids.  Just hopped right in the seat like it was nothing.  When he got back, he was pumping his arms and yelling how awesome it was.

The rest of the day we waited in pretty short lines, rode all of the rides, and watched the kids have a blast.  Clark was bummed he couldn't ride Goliath and Batman, but I think he got his thrills in on back-to-back Ninja rides and his second favorite, the Scream Machine.

The other kids had fun, too.  The three of us moms were surprised at how well everyone behaved and we came out of the day with minimal whining.

We rode everything, stood in shortish lines, and shut the park down.  I never imagined we'd be there all day, but at 11 o'clock last night when I pulled in the garage, exhausted and smelly, I was so happy Clark had a fantastic day and that we had this experience.

Sunday, July 27, 2014


Logan's hair was pretty thick from birth.  It grew long, too.  I gave her a little trim because the sides were much longer than the back and since then I don't think it's grown much.  I also snipped her bangs because they were constantly in her face and she'd discovered the bows in her hair and no longer kept her hands off.  I bought some kids hair bands recently and am loving pulling her hair out of her face in ponytails, pigtails, and top knots.  I can't wait until it's long enough to get all of it up.

Thursday, July 24, 2014


So I maybe had a birthday this week.  And I maybe turned 31.  So bizarre that I'm 31.  I am feeling the same, not older.

I feel like I should be doing more to take care of my skin, but I still rarely never put on sunscreen.  I also only put makeup on for church, so I'm not even washing my face daily.  

I cleaned out my closet a couple of months ago and then rearranged everything and I now have one tiny rack and a stack of jeans/pants/shorts.  Corey's clothes take up two full length racks, but we won't go there.  When I look at my mom-uniform options, there's mostly jeans or jean shorts, button down shirts, tank tops galore, and a handful of t-shirts/baseball shirts.  I finally threw away my old worn out black flip flops and replaced with some black sandals.  I read a couple of years ago something about flip flops looking too casual and sandals can make a big difference.  Since then, I've added several pairs of sandals and now only own one pair of flops.

I have three kids.  Clark is 7 1/2 and sometimes I don't feel old enough to have a second grader.  Some ninth graders asked me at church how old I was when they found out I had a kid that old and when they started guessing I might be 25 I was supremely happy.

I don't know how 31 should feel.  I know that we live longer and healthier lives and not so hard ones, too.  While I may not look 31, I also don't think I feel 31.

This year I'm running my first half-marathon and since I'm not having anymore kids, I also want to make this the benchmark year for getting into the best shape possible.  I don't mean six pack abs and a Brazilian butt, although those wouldn't be bad.  I just want to not feel flabby and not use pregnancy or breastfeeding as an excuse to eat whatever I want because I'm definitely not a 17 year old with a high metabolism.

So this is just a reflection of some current feelings.  In 4 years when I'm turning 35 I may feel really old and depressed and I want to remember that 35 isn't old at all.

Thursday, July 17, 2014


We've been hitting up the parks lately and on the hottest days, it can be brutal.  My kids love the idea of going and running and swinging and playing with kids that we don't know until the first bead of sweat appears on their little foreheads and they don't want water from the bottle we brought, but of course from the water fountain that barely dribbles any from its germ-ridden spout.  I digress.

Let's just share some fun instead.

Clark goes, too.  He's in the swing picture.  He also likes to do his own thing, like the monkey bars or play Cops and Robbers.  Not usually just hanging around mom.