Thursday, July 17, 2014


We've been hitting up the parks lately and on the hottest days, it can be brutal.  My kids love the idea of going and running and swinging and playing with kids that we don't know until the first bead of sweat appears on their little foreheads and they don't want water from the bottle we brought, but of course from the water fountain that barely dribbles any from its germ-ridden spout.  I digress.

Let's just share some fun instead.

Clark goes, too.  He's in the swing picture.  He also likes to do his own thing, like the monkey bars or play Cops and Robbers.  Not usually just hanging around mom.

Tuesday, July 15, 2014

the boyfriend list

I finally finally figured out how to download audiobooks from the library and just finished my first one.  I don't know if I'll be doing it often, but if there's title that I would like to read that isn't available, I might check the audiobook instead.

So I loved The Disreputable History of Frankie Landau Banks!  I didn't so much love The Boyfriend List.  The story is about a girl named Ruby Oliver.  She's a sophomore in a private school in/near Seattle.  She has a small group of friends, and while they're not popular, they're not "lepers."  Ruby gets into some trouble, has a series of panic attacks, loses her friends, and has to see a shrink.  The therapist asks her to make a list of boys she's let affect her, either boyfriends she's dated or even just a kid she had a crush on and never even talked to. 

Now before I tell you a little more of the story, I had a hard time following the story.  I realized I don't listen well at all.  I have to really concentrate on what's being said and give it my undivided attention.  The first few times I tried listening to some of it, I was on the computer.  I found myself reading something and suddenly I wasn't listening anymore.  Or I would be cooking dinner and thinking about what else I had to do or just general mind wandering and I'd have to rewind a little.  So maybe I would've enjoyed the story more had I actually read it.

Anyway, Ruby discusses all of the boys and what happened with them with the shrink.  She realizes that maybe she wasn't a great friend, she treated some boys pretty poorly, and what happened to her wasn't all undeserved. 

I might would read the rest of the series, but I don't think I could listen to it.  No offense to the reader, but her voices were kind of annoying.

Tuesday, July 8, 2014

vacation recap or never take a sick kid out of state

Last week we went to Florida.  It was a planned trip, but it seemed everything was against us before we even left.

My grandmother in Oklahoma was moved to hospice, so my parents drove to be with her immediately.  They stopped here for a night so they could see Logan before her birthday, but that meant they probably wouldn't make it back to Florida for us to spend time with them.  That weekend, Logan woke up with a fever and wanted to nap all day.  What little she ate or drank, she...expelled.  We skipped church on Sunday and took her to my in-laws' for a short birthday lunch and cake.  She didn't eat much, just kind of touched the frosting.  The next morning I took her for her one year check-up and she still had a low grade fever.  The pediatrician said it seemed to be a stomach virus, but if her fever spiked or she still wouldn't drink anything to bring her back because it could be something worse.

Corey and I decided to still go to Florida.  It was the third day of her virus and everyone else was well and Corey already had the time off.  The normal six hour trip took eight hours because of traffic including a two hour stop for a semi truck to be emptied and cleared from the road.  The kids were miserable and Logan was super cranky.

finally moving after our 5 mile-2 1/2 hour wait
We spent the next day watching Logan to see if she was getting better and worrying she was dehydrating.  We also found out my grandmother passed.  Corey looked up urgent care in the area and we decided to go the next morning first thing.  The PA looked at Logan's throat and listened to her lungs and decided she needed an x-ray to determine if it was pneumonia.  We drove around the corner and waited and waited and waited only to find out it wasn't pneumonia.  Next stop was the pharmacy for another hour wait and then home.  Again, our poor kids were stuck in the car or waiting rooms all day.
waiting at the pharmacy
The rest of the week we watched a lot of Netflix and swam in my parents' pool.  Corey took the boys to the river a few times for kayaking or swimming.  We felt we needed a vacation from our vacation and wondered if we should come home a day early.  Our final morning, we cleaned and packed, said good bye to my other grandma who lives there, and hit the road.  Things went swimmingly with a lunch stop at Cracker Barrel and normal traffic on 75.  We still had Sunday to get through before our normal week began again, but we all made it to church and then to hang out with friends swimming (some more). 

some fun...some not fun

cracker barrel
feeling better and eating

Moral of the story:  go with your gut.  I should've listened to mine when it said don't leave the state with a sick baby.  While she probably would have been fine if we stayed home, I'd rather regret not going than all of the time and money we spent. 

Sunday, June 29, 2014

happy birthday logan

Today Logan is one.  It's been a long and short year.  It's had ups and downs.  She's been amazing and she's been bratty.  She has filled this house with her laughter and tears.  Her relationship with each of us is different and unique and her personality shines through.

To Oliver, Logan's the little sister who is annoying, but loving.  She likes to pull on his shirt, steal his blanket, and grab his hair.  She laughs at his ninja moves and cries when he takes her toys.  Oliver was enamored with her in the beginning, but as the shine wore off, he came to just "like" her most days when she wasn't bothering him too much.  He does love her, though, and you can see it when he's trying to hug her just a little bit longer and kiss her just one more time.

To Clark, Logan is the "cutest baby" ever.  He tells me all the time he just can't get over how cute she is.  He can make her laugh in the car, saving long rides.  She loves to sit on his back when he's laying on the floor and he'll roll around carefully wrestling with her.  He wants to be the first one she sees in the morning and is willing to share his breakfast every time.

To Corey, Logan is the daughter he wasn't sure he wanted, but is so glad to have.  He used to tell everyone if we had any kids, they'd all be boys.  Then we had two boys and he was pretty sure that's all he made.  But Logan came along and showed him how awesome daughters are.  He lights up when he sees her and she's vying for his attention as soon as he walks in the door.  She finally doesn't only cry with him; there is lots of smiling and laughter and kissing and hugging.  Corey has taught her to blow kisses and in her own way say, "Love you, Dada."

To me, Logan is obviously another girl in the house, a daughter to love, a friend to talk with (eventually), and a head to butt.  She wants to be with me, but also wants to explore and get into everything around the house.  She wants what I'm eating, drinking, and holding.  She wants up in my arms, to sit in my lap, and to give me her hugs.  She's stubborn and tough. 

Knowing she's my last baby, I wished the days away because I don't love the baby stage.  It's lots of sleepless nights and feeling like you have an anchor.  As I started to wean her, I felt this weight on my shoulders lightening (literally?) and as each week passed, the days weren't so long.  I'm so glad that Logan is one because I love every new age and stage.


*These photos were taken weekly and some of the time they were a pain, but most of the time they were fun.  Everyone wants me to keep going, but I don't want that pressure.