Monday, November 10, 2014


Would you believe Corey knows more current tween pop music than I do?  It's true.  He's been jamming out to some One Direction iTunes radio where they play nothing but hits from them, T. Swift, Ed Sheeran, Demi Lovato, and unknown to me Shawn Mendes.  I drive about two hours a week for twenty minutes at a time and have been listening to podcasts.  I know they've been around forever and I'll admit a couple of years ago I would've been wut?!  But I must really be in my 30s because I prefer talk radio now over auto tuned beats. 

The only one I've listened to so far is the Nerdist with Chris Hardwick.  He has a different guest on and then they talk about whatever new projects they're in or really whatever they want to discuss.  Plus, it's been around for a few years so there are tons of back episodes to listen to.  What I like about this one is the actors, directors, authors, etc are people I'm interested in hearing about and from.  They talk about the things I'm interested in, which growing up I didn't realize are kind of nerdy.  And just listening to famous people discuss behind the scenes-ish stuff is kind of nerdy in itself. 

Some others on my list to listen to include the Alton Browncast, npr story of the day, npr how to do everything, and when it returns in the Spring, some of Game of Thrones podcasts. 

I also would love to listen to more audiobooks.  I just wish they weren't 10 hours long.

 So Corey can have the cool music I don't know about anymore and school me at night before bed on who sings this or that song, while I'll listen to people I don't know talk about stuff.  Smiling emoji. 

Sunday, November 2, 2014

what alice forgot

I was on hold for What Alice Forgot so long that I forgot I requested it from the library.  When I did get it on Monday, I jumped right in.

Alice wakes up on the floor of the gym with her acquaintance Jane Turner standing over her.  She's hit her head pretty hard and can't for the life of her figure out what she's doing in a gym in a spin class on a Friday.  She's pregnant with her first child and worried she may have messed something up.  Over the next few hours she finds out it's not 1998, but 2008, she's a mom of three and Jane is her divorce attorney.  She's about to be 40 and her fixer upper house is actually all fixed up and exactly what she dreamed it would be.  She's become a well dressed, super involved, stay-at-home mom, who goes to the gym, eats fairly healthy, and hates her husband, Nick.  Her new boyfriend, Dominick, is so nice, but also the school principal.  She doesn't have a great relationship with her older sister, Elizabeth, and her mother is remarried to Nick's father, Roger.  How has she forgotten ten years of her life?  How does she not remember her children?  And what could have been so bad that she and Nick are divorcing? 

The next few days are filled with her new busy life.  Alice's family is worried because she still doesn't have her memory back.  She wants to fix her marriage with Nick, but he is so different and horrible to her.  The kids are all in school and maybe not what she thought they'd be.  Little memories come back, but none long enough to grab hold of and remind her of anything.  Also, people keep tiptoeing around a woman named Gina, who was apparently her best friend and died.

Alice tries really hard to get Nick back and they start reconciling.  She finds out why her relationship with Elizabeth is strained and tries to fix that as well.  She wants everything to be as it was 10 years ago before she changed so much.

In the end, the memories flood back so quickly and scarily that Alice panics by how she's been behaving since her fall.  She can't believe she'd want to reconnect with her husband and she remembers that she still wants to continue with the divorce.  Over time she realizes she can't push the old Alice out and maybe there's room for her younger, idyllic self in there, too.  The epilogue was exactly what I needed as far as endings go.  It wasn't that she ended up with one man or the other or that her family's life got better.  It was the nicely tied up strings that this book deserved.

Saturday, November 1, 2014


Man, this year was not my year for costumes.  It all started with Oliver wanting a Superman costume.  Months and months ago I received a package in the mail.  Something random I ordered, I'm sure, but Oliver started begging to get a package in the mail.  He said he wanted a Superman costume.  I have no idea where he got that from, but every day the mail would come and every day he would ask if his costume arrived.  I found one on Amazon for $12 and should've ordered it immediately. 

A couple of weeks ago I asked the boys what they wanted to be and Oliver said Superman.  Clark and I discussed some options and he decided he would be a mummy.  I Googled and costumesupercenter dot com came up.  They had the two costumes in the sizes I needed and I used a promo code for 30% off.  My total was under $50 and although I hated to spend the money, I knew I was running out of time.  The next day I received an email requesting $6 for shipping.  I saw it in my total the day before, but they're website messed up and undercharged me.  Even though it was their fault, I paid the money because I needed these costumes.  The next day I received another email requesting another $8!  This time I was angry and called to figure what the heck was going on.  The rep told me she couldn't figure out what the charge was for, but she would have it removed and my order would be pushed through.  I hoped it would ship that day and I'd see it by the next Monday.  Later that afternoon I had a voicemail from a different rep saying the $8 was my remaining balance and I needed to pay or my order would be canceled.  Furious, I called them again, spoke with yet another rep and demanded to know what the charge was for.  She told me my balance was blah blah blah and I told her the two payments I already made equaled that amount.  She said she didn't know what else to do or say but I needed to pay or they'd cancel my order.  I told her to cancel it and right away and ended up taking the boys to a store and not finding the costumes they wanted.  We finally agreed on some and my total ended up being cheaper than the order online.  After the horrible experience, I found their yelp reviews and all were terrible!  I really should've looked at those first...

As for Logan, I pondered making her another costume.  Again I left it until the day of to make up my mind and altered a skirt to make a red cape. 

So here you have Batman, a werewolf, and Red Riding Hood.

Oliver was so grumpy at the end of the night and I'm not entirely sure why.  He would not smile for the 10 pictures we took of them on the fireplace.  Clark didn't wear his mask but for two houses the entire time trick or treating because the fur was tickling his nose and there was so much sweat and spit, he was miserable.  Last time I spend money on a full mask btw.  And Logan, she rode in the stroller and kicked her legs and had a grand old time two hours past her bedtime.  Surprisingly she was our happy child.

And we went with our friends again!  This time there were two more families, but it was a blast.

We are missing a couple of kids, but you get the idea...

And the moms!

Next year we plan to send the dads trick or treating, while we sit around a fire pit, passing out candy.  Maybe the babies can stay with us.

Wednesday, October 29, 2014


Over the weekend I went to VR, our church youth fall retreat.  It's a weekend of fun, worship, messages, and bonding.  This was my first trip with my new group and my first chance to get to know them a little better. 

I've noticed some big differences between this group and my old one.  First off, the size is huge!  My old group had a core of 4 or 5 with our numbers peaking around 10.  This new group has at least 10 on Sunday mornings, but usually more like 18-20.  We got so big that we split.  So my new new group has had 2-5 on Sundays, but I like it because it's more comfortable and I think it gives the girls a chance to really discuss without interruptions from a larger group. 

Second, these girls are popular and not that my other ones weren't, but I can see a difference in personalities because of it.  Also the uniform for 90% of high school girls this weekend were leggings/yoga pants, oversized t-shirt, Uggs, Converse high tops, Nikes, or Chacos.  I hate "not pants" and that is pretty much all these girls wore.  I don't think they even packed a pair of jeans.  They did however do their hair and make up and I thought that was kind of silly too.

Last, these girls are still so young and I forget how long it took my other girls to reach a level of maturity where we could have serious discussions.  I want it for them so badly, but I also know it's a journey and doesn't just happen.  I'm excited to see how they grow over the next four years.

Also these girls love a good photo session.  Haha.

Sorority Squatters

Shannan!  My co-leader who is adored by the girls.  She's been with them about a year longer than I have and you can tell how much they love her.  Don't blame them, I love her too!

Cracking up because this is a  pose the girls do sometimes.

Can you believe we got them all in the air?

Last morning, wearing their shirts.

My two girls from our new small small group. 
We also had fun in the cabin.  And side note, girls are gross.  Maybe even grosser than boys.  Their stuff was everywhere, but worse was the food and trash they just didn't even care about mingling with their clothes on the floor.


I busted my butt going down this "slide" but it was so fun and I think the girls loved that their leaders were willing to be silly with them.