Friday, March 20, 2015


I've been tired of cooking the same old things and have been hitting up my Pinterest board looking for new recipes.

We've had philly cheesesteaks:  I sliced a flank steak super thin, chopped an onion and bell pepper and mushrooms, sauteed all of it in butter, added a little worcestershire and salt and pepper.  We ate it on ciabatta with sliced provolone and I think Corey died and went to Heaven.

Shrimp tacos:  I just used her recipe for inspiration because I didn't have everything she had.  I cooked the shrimp in olive oil with seasoned salt and chile powder for a few minutes.  Made up some slaw, sliced avocado, and put some cheese in a bowl.  I made a sauce with sour cream, lime juice, cilantro, and chipotle hot sauce.  We also had black beans with tomatoes and chilies.  Piled it all on corn tortillas and it was soooo good. 

 Pulled chicken on hawaiian rolls:  Crockpot recipe I've made several times before.  Piled it on the sweet bread and loved every bite.

 Cheesy enchilada rice skillet:  I've seen this on Pinterest and wanted to make it, but never did until now.  It is so easy and so good and I will never wrap enchiladas again.  Ok, maybe not never, but this was delicious without all of the work.
Ham and swiss rolls:  A friend's mom made these little ham and cheese sandwiches with a poppyseed glaze on a lake trip and I couldn't get them off my mind.  Then the friend posted this on Pinterest and it sounded pretty close to the sandwiches so I finally broke down and made them and they were pretty good.  Next time I'd add less sugar...or no sugar even.

Thai turkey meatballs with rice:  Easy meal when you use frozen meatballs like I did.  The sauce was pretty rich from all of the coconut milk; next time I'd use only one can.

Wednesday, March 18, 2015

well hey there march

As usual when there's been a long absence from blogging, I have done lots of stuff.  Some of it blog worthy, but whenever I thought about typing it out, I just didn't want to do it.

So let's pretend that you want to know about all the things I did while I was away, ok?

I knit a cowl, a hat, and a sweater, all in time for temps in the 70s.  I've actually been able to wear my sweater a couple of times, though, and I love love love it and will wear the heck out of it next fall.  I will probably make myself another because it's that good and the yarn is that pilly. 

Let's see what else...?

I've read a ton of books.  I won't share all of them because you don't care, but a couple of them worth sharing are Life After Life and Women Are Scary.

Life After Life by Kate Atkinson was about a girl, Ursula, who lives and dies.  She comes back, starting over the same way at birth every time.  She senses something is different or that something went wrong previously and does little things to change the outcome, although she's never sure of it.  Her mother worries and sends her to a psychiatrist who is supposed to help her figure out why she's so strange.  He tosses out the word reincarnation, but Ursula feels that she isn't coming back as someone new.  Her life is lived so many different ways and the deaths range from sudden and scary to sad or expected.  In the end she figures enough out to make an outcome she can live with. 

I enjoyed the story, but some of the repeats became...well, repetitive.  It was also pretty long at 500+ pages.  I like long books, but after reading several in the 300 range, this tipped the scales. 

The other book, Women Are Scary:  The Totally Awkward Adventure of Finding Mom Friends is written by my friend, Melanie Dale.  She blogs at and awhile back started posting about how she categorizes her friends by bases, a baseball reference that you normally associate with dating.  She's pretty hilarious and gross and real.  She shares her heart for women in this handbook and I'm so excited for the release next week. 

To celebrate, she had a book launch party at Southern Ground Social Club in Senoia.  It was a lot of fun to go hang out with all of her friends and their husbands eating tacos and sipping drinks.  There were cake pops and advanced copies of the book.  She asked for other women to contribute stories so it wasn't just her sharing her adventures and I have a few included in the book, so I got a signed copy.  *smileyemoji*

Wh wha what else?

I almost gave up my run streak the other night.  It was late, I was tired, and I just wanted to eat candy while I watched the end of The Voice.  Corey didn't even make me feel guilty.  He even told me to take a week off if I felt like I needed it.  After a few minutes I strapped on my shoes and asked him to stand outside while I ran a mile in the cul de sac.  He loves me.  And even joined me.

There's other things, obviously, but that's enough for now, right?  Ok, good.

Friday, January 30, 2015

the circle

This year is off the a roaring start and I'm meowing with a measly one book read.  According to Goodreads I've finished two, but I'll admit that one was started before the first, so whatever, right?

My first official finished book was The Circle by Dave Eggers.  I didn't love it, but I didn't hate it.  The storyline moved quickly enough, but the plot was kind of meh.

The story follows a girl named Mae and her rise within the Circle.  She starts at an entry level job her friend from college gets her.  Within the first few weeks, she adapts to life working at the Circle.  There are parties, meetings, functions, hangouts, etc and they're all coordinated through the InnerCircle and OuterCircle.  She shows up, snaps a picture, posts it with comments, and sends "smiles" or "frowns."  Mae realizes quickly that to be recognized by her superiors, she must interact more and more to the point that her friends and family get annoyed.  Having dinner with her parents and ex-boyfriend Mercer, they ask her to put her phone down and join in the conversation rather than fill them in on who liked her pictures or who commented on his art work chandeliers.

The Circle is constantly putting out new tech and ideas, one being SeeChange.  Certain government officials have been wearing these cameras in an act of being transparent and not hiding anything from the people.  It becomes a mob as more officials wear them and the ones who don't are accused of hiding things.  Eventually Mae wears one and she's the first to let the public really see life in the Circle.  The ideas behind this are "sharing is caring," "secrets are lies," and "privacy is theft."  Events turn dramatically and in the end you wonder if Mae will realize that all of this should be stopped.

If anything, the book definitely made me rethink how I act on the internet.  Will I stop posting photos on Instagram?  Will I stop blogging, although I don't write as much as I wish I had the time for.  And how much is too much when it comes to sharing your personal life online?

So worth a read if you want to see an extreme view of the evils of the internet.  Or just to be entertained, that's ok, too.

Saturday, January 24, 2015

bathroom makeovers

Sometime last year we had to replace the toilet in the guest bathroom.  During that time, it became loose for some reason or other and the whole room smelled like pee.  We cleaned and cleaned and bleached and bleached and it still smelled.  Corey decided we should replace the bolts and nuts and washers and whatever else and while it was pulled up, he asked me what I thought about tiling it.  It's such a small space we figured it wouldn't be too expensive.  He took some measurements and we browsed tile online.  I decided if we were redoing the floors, I might as well paint too.

A before-ish.  We already removed the toilet and shower curtain and added tools.
So on a whim, we decided to redo the bathroom.  And then we threw in ours as well.  I went to Home Depot, picked up three gray paint cards and chose one (Anonymous by Behr) and came home and painted both bathrooms.  I had a lot of help from Logan, but got the bulk done while she napped.  Her help included placing small pieces of tape that I would give her onto the side of the vanity. 

After painting it Anonymous.  Clark thought it was the same as before.  I told him to look again, and he says, "Oh!!  Brown!!"
A couple of days later we all went to Home Depot to look at tile.  We decided on a lighter gray ceramic mottled look (or whatever the tech term may be) and got all the other stuff we would need, like thinset and grout.  A coworker of Corey's loaned us a tile cutting saw, drill and mixing head, and spreaders.  Nice.

Oh ya know, just doing man stuff.
All ready for grout.
Corey had a Friday off to get his wisdom teeth out and the kids were staying with Corey's mom that evening.  Depending on how he felt we were going to try and get some of it done that night.  Like a champ, he was able to do quite a bit of cutting and I did most of the heavy lifting and bending over to place tiles since he really couldn't.  Saturday we placed tiles in our bathroom and did a majority of the cutting.  During the next week, we grouted, placed tiles around the walls instead of trim, and caulked.  This weekend we spent all Saturday cutting wall tiles and laying the floor tiles in our bathroom.  Throughout the week we'll be able to grout and caulk and hopefully by next weekend we will be a two bathroom house again.

Done.  Mostly.  We need to hang towel bars and what not.  Also I want to paint that cabinet a dark brown, but Corey says there's enough dark and wants to go white.  NO!  And we want to hang a cabinet or shelves over the toilet.
And without the rug that "doesn't match" according to Corey.
Maybe next time I'll post pictures of our finished bath.  Or you can just imagine it looks similar to this.  Also, I think I've convinced Corey he can DIY.