Wednesday, November 25, 2015

cross country: regional meet

Clark and Oliver ran in the regional race on Saturday.  After several races won, we were curious to see how he would perform against the best of another state.  I think he started out too fast, he doesn't like to run behind other people, so he led from the beginning.  I couldn't see them loop around the lake, but coming up the hill to the finish, Clark was in second and did not look happy.  He was on the verge of tears, which for him means a) he is losing, b) he doesn't "feel well," or c) he's afraid.  Coming to the finish line, he knew he wasn't going to be first, so he slowed just enough to let the kid behind him pass him.  The top three came in at 7:38, 7:39, and 7:40.  So close (and one second behind his time last week when he won--so really, there wasn't much he could have changed).

Oliver fell down at some point, but picked himself up and kept on going.  At the final straightaway, I was cheering for him and he smiled and passed the boy in front of him.  The rest of their team finished well and they took second place.

A lot of our Flash team did well, placing in the top 30 and/or winning team medals.  Again, we've decided not to go to New Mexico to compete in Nationals because it's pretty far and expensive, but I think Corey and I decided to let Clark go to the national meet in Alabama in two weekends.  I'm really ready to have some time off, so this week they'll only go to practice one night before we head to Florida for Thanksgiving with my family.

Monday, November 23, 2015

station eleven

For our next book club meeting we are discussing Station Eleven by Emily St. John Mandel.  The first chapter hooks you with an actor dying on-stage during a performance.  A man from the audience jumps up to try resuscitating him, but he doesn't make it.  The rescuer leaves and on his way home receives a call from a friend who works at the hospital.  The friend tells him there's a virus that's moving quicker than SARS and he should get out of town.  Instead the man goes to a grocery store and stocks up, then heads to his brother's apartment where he plans to hole up.

After that, the story starts jumping around and while it's all sort of connected, it didn't have a real order and kind of just made me mad.  I've read several books with twisting plots and weaving in and out of timelines, but I guess the rhythm of this one just wasn't one I enjoyed.  The characters I wanted to read more about weren't big players and the "main" characters were just kind of meh.  I kept reading because I would come to a chapter or part about someone I was interested in and had to know what happened next.  I will say the end brought closure, but it wasn't particularly good.

I saw on Goodreads Claire gave it five stars and she sped through it, so I had higher hopes.  I am looking forward to our conversation in a couple of weeks to see what the rest of our group thought.

Wednesday, November 18, 2015

cross country: state meet

Cross country season is winding down to a close.  The end is in sight with Regionals this weekend and a national meet in December.  So let's talk about State.

All clubs in Georgia met at Heritage for the State meet this past Saturday.  Most of the clubs we've run against all season, but some that we only ran against once or twice, and several unattached kids showed up. 

Clark's PR on the course is 7:36 and the record is 7:22.  We were hoping that Clark would break the record before he ages out.  He ran State in 7:39, coming off being sick.  He has one more chance to break the record, but if he doesn't, obviously we're super proud of his season.  Oh and Clark won. 

Oliver hung in there with the older kids, running most of his race with a teammate.  The last hill and turn before the finish, I saw him with a smile on his face and still running with his friend.  His friend's mom was beside me and we were yelling for both boys as they approached, but it lit a fire in her son who began sprinting and he finished in front of Oliver.  After the race, Oliver said, "I was so close!  Next time I will try to beat him."  My sweet five year old has no idea he's running so well against kids who are 7 and 8, and only one other five year old in the race.

Top 30 individuals and top 5 teams from each age group advanced to Regionals, so both of our boys will be racing this weekend.  Actually, the whole team will be moving on.  Normally they would compete against teams from South Carolina and Florida, but Florida didn't have a State meet, so the numbers from Georgia and Carolina are greater. 

Side note:  at church, the previous series was all about pride.  Andy would say being proud of your kids' accomplishments is one thing, but being arrogant and boastful is another.  Sometimes I think Corey and I are way prouder of Clark's racing than he is, and to the point of being arrogant.  I hope we aren't because we really are just excited to have our kids involved in sports, let alone excelling.  So--I hope bragging about my kid comes off as being a proud parent and not a jerk.

Sunday, November 15, 2015

funny oliver

More funnies from our funny.

Corey:  Do you want a piece of t double o double f double i double e?
Me:  That doesn't have an "i" in it.
Clark:  I'm still trying to figure out what that spells.
Oliver:  Pork chop?

After running his first cross country race.
Corey:  I'm so proud of you man.  Are you excited?
Oliver:  Yes.  And I can't stop thinking about my next one!

Every Sunday, Corey and I take turns taking the boys out for one on one time.
Me:  Where are we going today?
Oliver:  Publix.  Always Publix.
Me:  *sigh*...always Publix.
Oliver:  Or sometimes PBS Kids.

At school.
Me:  Who's this?  What's her name?
Oliver:   Kira.
Me:  Is she yo
Oliver:  No.  She's just my friend.

Oliver:  Raise your hand if you wanna marry a horse.

Oliver:  Can I watch Buddies?
Me: ...Uh...
Oliver:  I've got it ready.
Oliver:  And it's starting.

After Zaxby's.
Me:  What was your favorite part?  The chicken or the desserts?
Oliver:  The pudding.
Me:  You mean, milkshakes?  What was your favorite?
Oliver:  All three.

Oliver:  Can we go to Chinese?
Me:  China or chinese food?
Oliver:  Chinee.

Oliver:  Knock knock.
Me:  *eye roll*  Who's there?
Oliver:  Interrupting cow.
Me:  Interrupting cow wh...?
Oliver:  Moo!