Saturday, December 13, 2014

funny oliver

on the road coming home from Florida
Clark:  Are we in Georgia?
Corey:  Yes.
Oliver:  Are we in Georgia Bulldogs?

watching a family movie, he leans over
Oliver:  Mom, if you had a O to my name, you know what it says?
Oliver:  Ooliver

all day, every day/Pre-K is doing wonders
Oliver:  What rhymes with house?  Mouse!
Oliver:  Muh muh muh Michael has muh muh muh mittens.
Oliver:  I know a rhyme.  Bed, said, head, red.
Oliver:  What's one plus monkey?  1 Monkey!

I went to a meeting with his teacher at school and she told me about his development from the first day until now.  We both laughed at how much he loves the art center and the writing center.  He brings home page after page of doodles, stamps, half-drawn letters, and paintings.  I remarked about how I can't keep every single paper he brings home, especially when it's one stamp on a page that's been stapled twenty times.  She laughed and said Oliver loves the stapler.  Look for that one under the tree, O.

watching a slideshow of stock photos on Apple TV
Oliver:  When did we go to the North Pole?
Corey:  What?
Oliver:  Did you take that picture of the penguin??

after Polar Express Day at school
Oliver:  Where was the panda?
Me:  What do you mean?  What panda?
Oliver:  There wasn't any pandas in the movie.
Me:  What movie?
Oliver:  Panda Express with the train.
Me:  Panda Express is a Chinese restaurant.  POLAR Express is the movie...

Wednesday, December 3, 2014

oh christmas tree

We put our tree up on Sunday afternoon.  The kids were so excited to help.  Yeah.  Corey put the fake tree together, all three pieces that stack.  We spread the branches a little and then the boys started slapping ornaments on.  It was looking like the Target commercial with everything at the bottom because they couldn't reach the top.  Also, a handful of ornaments broke as we picked them up and bummer.  Corey and I began to help them and after rearranging some clusters, I was feeling good about it.  I still feel like it's missing something.  I'm not a fan of icicles, but I think it needs more sparkly something.  Maybe a garland?  Plus we need to get a star.  We have an angel for the top, but I don't love it anymore and Oliver is dying to be the one to place the star.

Also it's huge.  This is my view from the couch.

After the tree was trimmed, I scarfed down lunch and went with my mother-in-law to see the Nutcracker.  It's been years since seeing it and I thought it was amazing as a little kid.  We would go to a local one that our friends danced in.  We would take them flowers and ask them to sign our programs. 

This one was also local, but maybe I don't remember very well or maybe the one from my youth really wasn't that amazing.  The performance on Sunday had amazing costumes and sets.  They have special guest dancers come in to coach and dance the lead adult principle spots.  It was also their 20th anniversary, so they've had lots of time to perfect the show.  I hope it can become tradition to go every year and take Logan with me.


Monday, December 1, 2014

thanksgiving at school

Before we went on vacation, the boys had Thanksgiving feasts at school.  I couldn't go to Oliver's and I felt badly, but hey what can you do?  He got to eat in the classroom with his teachers and the other kids whose parents couldn't make it.  I'm so glad he wasn't the only one.

The following week I was able to go to Clark's special feast.  All of the second graders came to the gym as either a Native American or a Pilgrim.  They "sat" at "tables" and then each class took turns putting on a little production.  Clark's class made picketing signs telling us to "Eat more..." of not turkey.  They read a poem and then took turns stepping out the picketing line to say "Eat more pizza" or "Eat more ice cream" or my favorite, "Eat more cinnamon rolls."

The other classes sang songs or recited poems or other things that I don't remember because I was wrangling a one year old who kept trying to grab the other kids' juice boxes...

Sunday, November 30, 2014

thanksgiving in florida

After my parents moved we decided to alternate holidays in Florida, so this year was Thanksgiving with them and we'll stay home for Christmas.  We wanted to make the most of our trip so we left after church on Sunday and planned to stay until Saturday.

We had lots of things planned since our trip down in the summer was sort of a bust with a sick kid and my parents traveling to Oklahoma for my grandma.  Monday we spent the day swimming, kayaking, and just hanging out at the house.  We checked the weather because we were taking the boys to Legoland one day and Monday would have been the best choice.  It was warm and didn't rain until late that evening.  But we could not bring ourselves to get back in the car for a 2+ hour one way trip. 

Tuesday we took the boys to see Big Hero 6, which was so good and a perfect rainy day activity.  Wednesday's weather forecast kept going between 80% chance of rain to 20%.  We decided to go on Wednesday because the rain was supposed to clear around 1 pm and it was only drizzling.  We also figured it wouldn't be too crowded with poor weather and it was the day before Thanksgiving. 

We walked around the park pretty cold all morning, but still had lots of fun.  At lunch Oliver asked if we were going home, but we came prepared and packed him a pair of pants to replace the shorts he just had to wear that morning.  The sun came out and while the weather stayed cool, it was totally bearable and we had the best day.  Clark rode the rides last time we went and then rode several roller coasters at Six Flags this summer.  Oliver was excited to find out he was tall enough for the roller coasters and we tried to keep him excited standing in the very short lines.  On the first coaster I offered to hold his hand and he said he would be fine.  Going down the first little hill, he grabbed my arm and looked panicky and like he might cry.  I calmed him down and the ride was over in seconds.  We rode a few more kiddie rides and then got in line for the next coaster.  I asked if he was excited and he bravely said yes.  The same thing happened, but every time we got in line for another one he was so excited and wanted to do them all.  It was funny looking at our pictures after the ride.  His face was a portrait of sheer terror, but he loved it all the same.

Thursday my grandma and my mom's friend joined us for lunch.  We had the usual Thanksgiving fare, ate dessert, and then my mom basically kicked us out of the house while Logan napped.  We took the boys in the boat on the river and saw loads of fish and turtles and even one of the alligators.  It was nice and relaxing and the perfect after lunch fun.

Friday, the pool heater reset itself and the water was too cold to swim in.  Corey and I went shopping and I don't know if it's because we don't go out until after 8 am or if the area we went to just isn't crazy with Black Friday shoppers, but we always find good deals and not too long lines.  The longest wait was at Old Navy and even that wasn't anything abnormal.  We got the boys' Christmas gifts from us and my parents and found a few things for ourselves as well.  Funny story:  we bought Clark a bow and arrow at the first store we went in because it was $25.  The next sporting goods store we found it for $18 and decided we'd return the first.  Then we hit up one more sporting goods store because we're addicted and found it for $16.  Although it was only two bucks, it was $9 less than the first and we had to go by the other two stores to get home anyway, so we returned the first two.  Silly, but $9 is $9.  When we got home, Clark said he wanted to swim and stuck his toe in the water.  "It's not too cold."  So Corey let him swim and he was out there about 15 minutes.  He later told me it was not worth it.  Ha.  My parents took them fishing after that.

Saturday we packed and left and made it home before dinner, so we went to pick up our dog from Corey's mom and ate leftovers with them.  Score, I didn't have to buy or cook dinner.

It was a great week.  We had lots of fun and time off from regular life.  Looking back, I didn't have Logan for at least a couple of hours every day.  She's still at that stage where you have to keep an eye on her and that can wear you out.  My mom and dad had fun with her and spoiled her of course.  The only thing I would have changed is our sleeping situation.  All five of us were in my parents bedroom, Logan in the closet, the boys on the floor, and Corey and I had the bed.  The room is huge, but when our kids wake each other up at 6:15 in the morning, ugh that sucks.